Meet the Team

Our people provide you with the best service

At WJ UK we are defined by our people. The service that we provide to our clients relies heavily on the expertise and skillset of our entire team. Our management and on-site teams have all been highly trained through rigorous in-house and external training programmes.

With over 40 years’ industry experience, we are experts in all areas of water management and control. No matter what the scope of your project, we look forward to sharing our detailed knowledge with you and working with you to achieve the most efficient and reliable outcome.

WJ Group Board of Directors

  • Dr Toby Roberts Executive Chairman

  • Richard Fielden Managing Director

  • Dr Gary Holmes Technical Director

  • Stevyn Harris Finance Director

  • Paul Turner Overseas Director

WJ UK Senior Management Team

  • Paul Judge Major Contracts Director

  • Ula Markowicz Technical Manager

  • Lawrence Dalby Finance Manager

  • Gary Daley Commercial Manager

  • Neil Coulter UK Managing Director

WJ UK Management Team

  • Dan Wolfe

    Dan Wolfe SHEQ Manager

  • Stuart Ward - Drilling Manager

    Stuart Ward Drilling Manager

  • Lee Stone Yard and Transport Operations Manager

  • Muhammad Usman Contracts Manager

  • Tom Rendall Design Manager

  • Jyoti Vyas HR Manager

WJ UK Design, Engineering & Delivery Team

  • Tom Stockman Project Manager

  • Michael Cummiskey Project Manager

  • Geoff Zimmel Project Manager

  • Harry Lee Project Engineer

  • Chris Robson Monitoring Engineer

  • Dan Carpenter Design and Bid Engineer

  • Qingchao Ren Design Engineer

Dan CarpenterThe Team