Responsible Business

Setting the industry standard as a responsible business for best practice and beyond.

WJ UK is committed to conducting business with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and responsibility. At WJ UK we aim to attract the best and brightest people, whatever their background, to bring new perspectives to some of the most challenging and inspiring projects around the UK & Ireland.

Through delivering in the areas of health & safety, well-being, environment & sustainability and corporate social responsibility we aim to be the best and most responsible business in our sector.

Our Mission

To deliver confidence through excellence.

Our Vision

To be the water management partner of choice.


Our Values

Our services detail what we do, but it’s our values that describe how we do it – who we are, how we work and what we stand for. If you ask us to describe what it’s like to work with WJ UK, our values are what we talk about.


Thanks to our experience and longevity, we are justifiably assured in what we do and how we do it; but we are never arrogant. We instill confidence in our customers through our technical expertise, knowledge and service – proven in our enviable record of repeat business.


This reflects the long history our company enjoys and the enviable heritage we have within the civil engineering sector. It symbolises our constant pursuit for quality and excellence and implies ethical standards, promoting best practices and transparency.


It is the heart of our values, and stands for dependability, honesty and dedication towards all our stakeholders. We build trust in others through our actions and trust ourselves.


A WJ UK employee is efficient and organised with the overriding personality traits of being thorough, careful and vigilant. This value also confirms WJ UK’s strive to complete any task we undertake to the best of our abilities.

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