Going Electric

Leading the way with environmentally responsible kit

Leading the way in electric dewatering

The construction industry is estimated to contribute 7%, 34% and 15% respectively to NOX, PM10 and PM2.5 emissions within London (LAEI 2106. Construction emissions are increasingly becoming important factors in developing air quality policies.

At WJ our policy has always been to purchase the cleanest diesel engines possible, not only for compliance, but also to minimise the risk of harm to our employees, and the population of London and other big cities. All of WJ’s drilling machinery is at least Stage 4f, but when we recently needed to invest in new drilling rigs and pumps we asked the question – instead of playing catch up with Stage 4f or Stage 5 or 6 diesel engines, why don’t we get rid of them altogether and use electric motors?

Enter, WJ Electric…

WJ Electric

WJ is delighted to be leading the industry by focussing on electric kit to support a sustainable, greener long term solution.

From drilling rigs to pumps, desanders to control cabins, we’ve invested in solutions with electric motors to provide cleaner, quieter and environmentally responsible dewatering and groundwater control.


Key benefits of electric dewatering

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Key benefits of electric dewatering kit:

  • Lower particulate and NOX pollution
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Reduced risk of polluting water courses with accidental fuel or lubricant spills
  • Better reliability, higher power efficiency
  • Less downtime for servicing
  • No waste oil or filters
  • Helps meet project environmental standards requirements

Download Electric Kit Specification Sheets

For further information about our groundbreaking electric kit, download the spec sheets below.

Commachio MC6
Electric Rig

Electric drilling rig

DXB HS300EM Drilling Pump

Electric dewatering drilling pump

MD250 Electrical Desander

Electric desander

Drilling Electrical Control Cabin

Electric dewatering control cabin

Selwood S150E Recirculation Pump

Electric dewatering recirculation pump

She’s Electric…

Find out more about how we’re helping pioneer change in the industry with our move to electric kit.


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