Advanced Instrumentation Solutions

For over four decades, WJ has been at the forefront of monitoring system implementation, providing top-tier instrumentation solutions for diverse projects. Our offerings include:

  • Piezometers, standpipes, and pressure transducers to monitor groundwater and surface water levels with barometric adjustments.
  • Electromagnetic flowmeters designed to accurately measure the flow of both abstracted and discharged groundwater.
  • Multiparameter sondes and flow cells enable continuous measurement of chemical parameters in water, including electrical conductivity, pH, turbidity, redox potential, dissolved oxygen (DO), and temperature.
  • Handheld and ultrasonic flowmeters to assess surface water channel flows.
  • Inclinometers, extensometers, and strain gauges for precise monitoring of slopes and structural movements.
  • Earth pressure cells to gauge stress and pore pressure in soil, crucial for maintaining safety and integrity in sensitive environments.
  • Weather stations to track weather conditions, ensuring comprehensive environmental monitoring.
  • Pump status sensors offer insights into pump activity and conditions, enhancing maintenance efficiency and uptime.

Real-time Monitoring and Data Visualisation

For our construction dewatering clients, we provide secure, cloud-based data monitoring dashboards. These platforms facilitate remote, real-time system status monitoring, alerting operators and project teams to critical issues like pump failures or power supply interruptions. Our proactive response team ensures any problems are addressed swiftly and efficiently. Explore our Construction Dewatering & Groundwater Control page to see how WJ can help deliver your project requirements.

Our groundwater and surface water monitoring clients benefit from our advanced telemetry solutions. These include a user-friendly graphical interface on our cloud-based visualisation platform, which simplifies the interpretation of validated data from various sources, regardless of project scale.

Explore our Groundwater Monitoring, Surface Water Monitoring and Data Management and Visualisation pages to see how we can customise our technology to meet your project needs. With WJ, leverage innovative instrumentation to turn monitoring data into actionable insights.

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