Dare to C.A.R.E.

Committed Aim to Raise Expectations

Your Opinions Count

Very often you can be in the best place to witness potential dangers in the workplace, or to recognise how things could be improved, just by changing something small. Equally, seeing something done really well is worth shouting about, as adopting that idea across other sites can only improve all our lives.

That’s why we have WJ CARE Cards – our committed aim to raise expectations of both staff and clients. These cards give YOU the chance to get YOUR points over and to make a positive difference!

CARE Cards can be used to suggest:

  • potential Health & Safety improvements
  • environmental improvements
  • improvements for quality or ways of making the job better
  • report incidents that had the potential to cause injury or ill health, or a potential environmental incident (don’t forget to mention this to your manager so that immediate actions can be carried out where applicable)
  • good practice that needs recognition

CARE Cards and posting boxes will be available at yards and the offices. In addition, managers/ engineers will have a good supply. Alternatively, use the CARE form on this webpage.

You can submit your CARE Card in various different ways:

  • posting in the CARE Card boxes at the yards/offices
  • posting (via Royal Mail) in the pre-paid envelopes
  • passing them to an Engineer/Manager
  • taking a picture with your phone and texting or emailing it to your manager
  • submit online using the form on the right


Don’t forget that you don’t have to put your name on your submissions, it can be done anonymously. So, don’t hold back! However, if you don’t include your name, we won’t be able to let you know what we did to resolve the issue… or credit you for your idea!

C.A.R.E. to WIN

everyone's a winner when we C.A.R.E.

Every (sensible!) CARE Card entry will automatically be rewarded with a £10 Amazon voucher (maximum 2 per person, per month). Just a little “thank you” for engaging with us.

Every quarter Richard and Toby will select the best CARE idea which has resulted in a positive improvement for all involved. We’ll be rewarding every quarterly CARE Card winner with a fantastic Apple iPad Mini.

Past winners have included: Chris Robson, Ian Evans, Defrim Hani, Steve Thomas, Paul Beacham, Paul O’Brien, Muhammad Usman, and Michael Cummiskey.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those thinking caps on and let us know your ideas!

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