Surface Water Monitoring

At WJ, we provide comprehensive surface water monitoring services that cater to , industrial, and environmental project needs. Leveraging our expertise in hydrology and environmental science, we deliver reliable and efficient monitoring solutions.

Flow Monitoring with Hydrometry
Utilising state-of-the-art technology, our flow monitoring services employ advanced hydrometry techniques to deliver precise measurements of water flow rates in rivers, streams, and canals. This crucial data supports effective flood risk management, water resource planning, and environmental protection efforts.

In-Situ Water Quality Testing
Our in-situ testing capabilities provide direct assessment of critical water quality parameters such as temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen right at the source. These tests deliver immediate, precise, and accurate data essential for monitoring pollution, detecting contaminants, and maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.

Water Sampling
Our team of skilled technicians collects water samples for laboratory analysis to detect microbiological, chemical, and physical pollutants. This essential service supports environmental assessments, ensures regulatory compliance, and aids in crafting water quality management plans.

Water Level Monitoring
We offer advanced water level monitoring services crucial for managing droughts, planning water supply, and providing flood warnings. Our sophisticated sensors and data logging equipment generate continuous and accurate water level data, vital for efficient management of reservoirs, lakes, and river systems.

Our tailored approach combines these specialised services to meet the unique challenges of each project. Explore how we can enhance your water management strategies by visiting our Instrumentation and Data Management and Visualisation pages.

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