Ground Source Energy Systems

    Ground source energy systems work by exploiting the thermal mass from rocks and soil below ground and using this energy to provide sustainable heating and cooling for buildings on the site.

    For open-loop ground source energy systems, groundwater is abstracted at ambient temperature from the ground, passed through a heat exchanger before being re-injected back into the ground, usually requiring at least one pair of boreholes.

    How WJ UK Can Help

    Many of the core services that WJ UK offer are used in working on ground source open loop energy systems. With over 40 years’ industry leading experience and vast knowledge in all areas of open loop drilling, testing and permanent fit-out of pumping and monitoring equipment, you can be confident that the work will be completed safely, efficiently, and reliably.

    We provide a complete package that includes testing, installation and monitoring services through to borehole maintenance, so no matter what the size of your project or where you are located, there is a solution for you. Our professional team will be pleased to advise you on all aspects of ground source energy systems:

    To operate successfully, open loop ground source systems require a comprehensive understanding and expertise in many different areas including:

    • In-House Design & Consultancy – Well design and abstraction and discharge licencing.
    • Well Drilling – using reverse and direct circulation techniques with a variety of flush mediums such as polymers, air, air foam or water to drill starting diameters of up to 700mm, finished diameters up to 450mm to depths up to 300m deep.
    • Well Development – Acidisation, Airlift, Clearance Pumping and Surge blocking.
    • Pumping Tests – with the largest UK range of submersible pumps (from <1 to 100 l/s), variable speed drives, digital output magnetic flow meters, data loggers, pump test control cabins, WJ can tackle a large range of testing including:
      • Step tests (multiple flow rate testing)
      • Constant rate testing (testing at a fixed pumping rate for days or months)
      • Multiple well pumping trials
      • Hydraulic Balance Testing
      • Recharge testing (falling head tests and variable rate injection pumping)
    • Instrumentation & Monitoring.
    • Installation and commissioning of permanent borehole equipment (pumps, pipework and controls).
    • Maintenance of wells and borehole equipment.
    • Well rehabilitation.
    • Well abandonment.
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