Well Drilling

WJ have the capabilities to both design and drill wells for a wide range of applications:

Whatever the purpose, it is essential that the wells are designed and constructed safely and effectively.

WJ operate an extensive fleet of modern EU emission standards compliant rotary drilling rigs with the capability to drill in excess of 200m depth at diameters of up to 600mm, as well as established long-term relationships with cable-percussion drilling sub-contractors. Wells can be installed via a variety of methods including fully cased systems, open-hole drilling with mud or water flush, and air hammers.

Our drilling crews and supervisory staff are trained to the highest standards and have global experience in water well, geotechnical, and geothermal drilling. We have the capability of developing wells in a variety of strata using a wide range of methods including acidisation and airlift techniques.

No matter what your well drilling requirements are, the team at WJ will be pleased to advise you and talk through your options.






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