Groundwater Monitoring

At WJ, we are dedicated to delivering top-tier groundwater monitoring services critical for environmental assessments, water resource management, dewatering, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

In-Situ Groundwater Testing
Our in-situ testing service provides immediate, on-site analysis of crucial water quality parameters such as conductivity, pH levels, and turbidity. This real-time monitoring is vital for assessing groundwater reservoir conditions and early detection of potential contamination.

Expert Groundwater Sampling
We perform detailed groundwater sampling to determine the composition and quality of groundwater sources. Our techniques include low-flow micro-purge and peristaltic pumps, among others. Samples are rigorously tested in UKAS-accredited laboratories to detect contaminants and confirm compliance with environmental standards.

Water Level Monitoring
Understanding aquifer dynamics is crucial, and our water level monitoring services are integral to managing water resources effectively. We employ precise instruments to monitor changes in groundwater levels, aiding in water supply planning and groundwater management strategies.

Groundwater Flow Monitoring
Our flow monitoring expertise is essential for hydrogeological mapping, assessing aquifer recharge, and planning abstraction wells. Understanding groundwater flow patterns is key to predicting contaminant spread and designing effective remediation strategies.

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring sustainable and responsible use of groundwater resources while meeting all regulatory requirements.

Discover more about how our specialized services can support your projects by visiting our Instrumentation page.

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