Pumping Tests

WJ has extensive experience of undertaking pumping tests to investigate hydrogeological conditions.

WJ is the leading contractor in the design, installation, management and analysis of pumping tests.

Pumping tests are vitally important to understand the hydrological profile of the site. We recognise that best value engineering solutions are developed through a team approach with the client, Environment Agency and consultant engineers. When possible we participate in early contractor engagement to enable WJ to fully develop a robust groundwater control strategy best suited to the clients needs.

At WJ we provide state of the art pump controls, telemetry and monitoring services to give our clients unrelieved service over our competitors.


How WJ Groundwater Can Help

Many of the core services that WJ offer are used in working on ground source energy systems. With over 30 years’ industry leading experience and vast knowledge in all areas, you can be confident that the work will be completed safely, efficiently and reliably.

We provide a complete package that includes feasibility studies, testing, installation and monitoring services through to borehole maintenance, so no matter what the size of your project or where you are located, there is a solution for you. Our professional team will be pleased to advise you on all aspects of ground source energy systems.

With decades of experience behind us WJ have undertaken pumping tests globally from swamps in Nigeria, to basements in central London, to nuclear facilities in Scotland, our highly skilled team will ensure that pumping tests are designed, installed and carried out to the highest quality.

Data gained from pumping tests can be easily accessed in AGS, Excel, or by graphical dashboard format via email or using online software developed by our monitoring software partner Campbell Scientific.

Pumping Test Step Test

Pumping Test Constant Rate

Pumping tests are an important part of any groundwater investigation or groundwater scheme feasibility study. They provide essential information which can affect the planning and build of a project and often required to allow an application of an abstraction license for water supply wells and open-loop ground source energy systems.

Traditional pumping tests are undertaken using a single pumped well and appropriate piezometer array, test pumping and pilot trials may involve working on a small group of deepwells, ejector wells or wellpoint systems.

Featured Pumping Test Projects

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