Sump Pumping and Overpumping

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is used when groundwater is allowed to flow in to the excavation, it’s then collected in sumps and then pumped away. Sump pumping is one of the simplest forms of dewatering and can be very reliable in a variety of different situations.

Overpumping is the process of providing a temporary route to pump water from A to B often by-passing an existing structure such as a manhole or chamber, to ensure a vital continuation of services during construction.

WJ have extensive experience in providing sump pump and overpumping solutions in the UK as part of a complete water control strategy for a project. WJ Middle East have been busy providing sump pump and overpumping solutions across the UAE, including during large scale dewatering during the construction of Dubai International Airport Terminal 3.

All WJ pumps are fully tested and serviced before being deployed to site to ensure each pump performs at its optimum efficiency and effectiveness.


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