WJ Groundwater

UK Update: Bromley South Central

WJ Groundwater has been hard at work on a dewatering project for client, the McLaren Group at Bromley, Kent’s new state of the art shopping centre. Known as Bromley South Central and due for completion in late 2017, the project is being overseen and managed by Dr Mark Pickett.

UK Update: Ipswich Flood Defence Scheme

One of the biggest projects of 2016 at WJ Groundwater has been on the Ispwich Tidal Barrier Project. We worked closely on the Water and Environment Management (WEM) project for our client Volker Stevin Ltd (VSL) to enable construction of the tidal gate structure at the River Orwell.

Christmas in Poland

WJ Groundwater’s Poland team are mixing national tradition with fun and games this year. Employees at the Lodz branch will celebrate Christmas by sharing out of the holy wafer followed by some fun with a few games of ten-pin bowling.

Christmas in the Middle East

The commercial side of Christmas is growing in popularity year on year in certain countries across the Arabian peninsula. Traditionally known as an Islamic region, countries like UAE and Qatar are also hosting a myriad of Christmas events to cater for the growing number of European, Far Eastern and American ex-pats, workers and holidaymakers.

WJ Groundwater offers new service: water sampling and testing

WJ Groundwater has recently been awarded a £1 million plus contract for Ferrovial Agroman Laing O’Rourke JV (FLO) for groundwater quality monitoring on its multi-billion pound project Thames Tideway Central. Although, WJ Groundwater has been undertaking water sampling and testing for many years this is the first contract it’s won where these services are to

UK Update: Introducing Conrad

Recently Geodrilling International Magazine published an article for WJ Groundwater. The piece was an interview with Paul Judge, our Major Contracts Manager in the UK.  Below is a specially edited version for you to read and get to know about our new rig. WJ Groundwater’s latest addition to its fleet of rigs is settling into