WJ at Chalk 2018

We're delighted to be exhibiting sponsors of Chalk 2018

Chalk 2018

The British Geotechnical Association (BGA) with support from the Engineering Group of the Geological Society (EGGS) will be hosting a major two-day international conference on Engineering in Chalk on 17th and 18th September 2018 at Imperial College in London.

The last major conference on Chalk was held almost 30 years ago in 1989 in Brighton. Since that time, considerable work has been undertaken internationally through research and in many major projects in Chalk, advancing our understanding of its origin, nature and engineering behavior.



You can register for Chalk 2018 HERE, plus use the form opposite to arrange an appointment with us on the day.

See us at Chalk 2018

    It is big, and it is clever

    Meet our new rig

    Probably the most technically advanced mid-sized water well drilling rig operating in the UK today, our new Conrad Combi 500 is a state of the art
    machine. It’s powerful and effi cient modern engine is compliant with the highest emissions standards, making it one of the cleanest rigs in the business.

    It’s smart, too. Intelligent power management automatically reduces engine rpm to stationary when no function is operated for 5 seconds. Equipped with remote controlled hydraulic functions, designed to eliminate manual handling, also provides a safe working environment.

    The reduced noise and exhaust emissions, coupled with the ability to operate in an incredibly small footprint, make WJ and our Conrad rig the ideal solution for installing wells up to 500mm diameter and up to 200m depth in restricted urban sites.

    Featured Chalk Projects

    We have successfully delivered a number of key projects where chalk formations have been a primary factor

    Crossrail Station, Canary Wharf

    Canary Wharf will be one of the largest Crossrail stations. Read more to discover how we installed 11 chalk wells, drilled to a depth of 90m….

    Find out more >

    Brighton i360

    In order to make the Brighton i360 a reality, WJ needed to achieve the drawdown of tidally variable groundwater levels from underlying chalk….

    Find out more >

    University College London

    WJ were called in as the principal contractor and entrusted with the execution of the drilling of a single chalk borehole to a depth of 110m with a finished diameter of 300mm….

    Find out more >

    Key Personnel

    Come and meet the team at Chalk 2018

    Dr Toby Roberts Executive Chairman

    Richard Fielden Managing Director

    Ula Markowicz Technical Manager

    Dr Gary Holmes Technical Director

    Paul Judge Major Contracts Director

    WJ Group AdminChalk 2018