Deepwell Systems

Deepwell systems lower groundwater levels using a series of drilled wells, each fitted with its own electric submersible pump.

They are ideal for deep excavations with moderate to high soil permeabilities or where artesian conditions are present, and are capable of pumping hundreds of litres of water per minute, as the only limiting factors are well depth, pump performance and the prevailing ground conditions.

The flexibility on the well depth, spacing and pump capacities, mean they are suitable for for almost any project and location, and keep access restrictions to a minimum.


WJ carefully design and install deepwell systems to maximise drawdown and pump efficiency whilst ensuring a discharge free of suspended solids.

At the heart of each system an innovative electrical pump station is used to power and control multiple pumps from a central location. Control options include automatic mains failure (AMF) switchover to standby power, visual/audio/GSM test alarm systems, and a secure cloud based data logger for monitoring groundwater flows, pressures and levels.


Featured Deepwell Projects

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