Instrumentation and Monitoring

Monitoring and management of data is an important process for many construction projects and provides key information, allowing long term geotechnical and hydrogeological trends to be identified, preventative measures planned and provides useful intelligence for future design and construction methods.

Our dedicated team provides secure cloud based data monitoring dashboards to allow remote ‘real-time’ system status monitoring for our clients.

WJ offer a variety of monitoring instrument options including:

  • Piezometers, standpipes and transducers to monitor groundwater levels
  • Flowmeters to measure the flow of water
  • Inclinometers, extensometers and strain gauges to monitor the movement of slopes and structures
  • Earth pressure cells to measure the stress and pore pressure in soil
  • Weather stations to monitor external weather and tidal conditions
  • Pump status sensors to monitor pump activity
  • Thermal Response Testing (TRT)
  • Deep datum 

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