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National Women in Engineering Day | 2015

It’s a man’s world, but…

Ever keen to support diversity in the dewatering industry, WJ Groundwater was very interested to learn about this annual event. Entitled National Women In Engineering Day 2015 (NWED), the aim of the occasion is to celebrate the work that females have achieved in engineering, and to showcase the great careers that are available for girls at school or higher education.

Ula Markowicz

Ula Markowicz

We recently ran a feature in The Wet End, our bi-annual in-house magazine, about our own female high-flyers. We spoke to UK Ula Markowicz about the contrasts to be found between the engineering roles open to women in her native Poland to those in the UK. As WJ Groundwater also operate in the Middle East we were keen to talk to our on-site female engineer Revathy Nair (pictured above) on her sadly ‘rare’ position. You can read the full article on the NWED website

Across the UK, engineering companies came up with events to raise awareness and promote the excellence of women engineers. Companies such as FPS (the Federation of Piling Specialists) actively encourage diversity for their graduate roles and apprenticeships. In 2016, WJ Groundwater hopes to host its own NWED event and offer written follow-ups on our existing blogs and in-house news articles.

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WJ GroundwaterNational Women in Engineering Day | 2015
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