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Papa’s Gotta Brand New Blog

Welcome to WJ Groundwater’s brand new weekly blog

WJ Groundwater is the largest dewatering specialist in the UK with over 25 years experience providing specialist groundwater services to clients and contractors principally in the UK and Middle East. WJ has completed over 1000 dewatering projects and has substantial experience designing, installing and operating deepwell, ejector or wellpoint systems.

Our unrivalled technical ability, experienced staff, and track record of completed projects allow us to offer comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective solutions for your dewatering needs.

In the new blog we will be introducing new ideas to you concerning dewatering and its directly related industries.  We will also be keeping you abreast of developments within the company and up-to-date with new and on going WJ projects around the world.

In addition you can download the latest and previous editions of our in-house magazine The Wet End on our website or email us if you’d like us to send you a hard copy.

We plan to release new blog items each week via our website and LinkedIn page.

WJ GroundwaterPapa’s Gotta Brand New Blog
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