Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoints are used to lower groundwater levels and improve working conditions in shallow excavations, typically less that 6.0m in depth. For deeper excavations a number of strategies, such as staged and multi-tier wellpoint systems can be utilised.





Wellpoint systems consist of a series of small diameter wells, installed by water jetting, augering or rotary drilling techniques, connected by a header pipe connected to a centrally located suction pump. Groundwater is abstracted via the wellpoints from a vacuum generated by the pump. A wellpoint is capable of drawing water from the ground up to a depth of 6m and is idea for shallow excavations, basements, pipelines, confined spaces, underpasses and tunnel excavations.

Pumping options include surface electric or diesel suction pumps and super-silenced models for residential areas.

Wellpoint systems can be installed quickly in most ground conditions and are easy to maintain for the duration of the project.

WJ have one of the most extensive and modern fleets of wellpoint installation and pumping plant and equipment in the UK, and is well equipped to deal with all requirements. Our highly qualified team have worked on projects ranging all over the UK from as far south as the Channel Islands to the north coast of Scotland and from the west of Wales to the eastern tip of Norfolk.

Featured Wellpoint Projects

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