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Catch WJ at the BDA’s Seminar at the National Space Centre

Join us at the Digital Data in Geotechnics and Construction seminar at the National Space Centre in Leicester on 8 October organised by the British Drilling Association (BDA).

The BDA is the UK’s trade association for the ground drilling industry. The seminar speakers will talk about the benefits of and getting the most from Building Information Modelling (BIM) as an aid to ‘knowledge management’ in construction. You will also hear more about how the digital data produced by the geotechnical sector can interact with BIM systems, focussing on what is possible these days, and what is likely to happen in the near future.

Whilst these events are very useful for knowledge building they are also a wonderful opportunity to meet up with like-minded professionals to network and to talk about developments in the industry.

Please visit our WJ Groundwater Exhibition Stand to see how our range of services has enhanced and been crucial to the successful completion of a large number of the UK’s biggest infrastructure projects.

To book a place at the seminar visit: britishdrillingassociation.co.uk/Events

See You There!

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WJ GroundwaterCatch WJ at the BDA’s Seminar at the National Space Centre
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