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Visit WJ at the Basements and Underground Structures Conference 2015

Come and visit WJ’s exhibit stand at Olympia, London between 6 – 7 October. We will be in attendance as a part of the 8th annual Basements and Underground Structures Conference 2015, organised by Ground Engineering Magazine.


We are delighted to be involved because it is a great platform to meet and network with the public. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate what we do at WJ and showcase some of our high profile projects. We’ll also get to attend talks on future changes in work practice and legislation in the industry, so it’s a super chance for us to stay current and knowledgeable too.

The conference and exhibition is the only event in the UK to explore the procurement, design and delivery of underground spaces.

From large infrastructure projects to commercial developments and residential extensions, the basement market offers extensive opportunities that are expected to continue, as urban land remains a premium.

To book tickets and download a free brochure visit: basements.geplus.co.uk

See you there!

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WJ GroundwaterVisit WJ at the Basements and Underground Structures Conference 2015
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