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Israel Update: LDD and WJ Join Forces

Israeli geotechnical and remediation consultant and contractor, LDD are now in partnership with WJ Group – forming a 50-50 joint business registered as LDDWJ Limited.

This 50-50 partnership means that both parties are able to carry out specific dewatering projects across Israel.

LDD Technologies have 20 years of experience in the unique hydrogeology and water permitting regime that Israel presents. This knowledge and experience, combined with their consultation, planning and execution strategies, means that WJ Group can rely on their expertise.

Ourselves, we have 30 years of experience in water management, and have provided our expertise from design through to delivery on projects shallow to deep, large to small and urban to rural.

The groundwater in Israel is a highly valued resource, and the Water Authority makes the protection of aquifers from contamination and depletion one of their biggest priorities, and the aim of reclaiming 90% of all waste water.  

The first year of our partnership concluded with over 10 projects completed, including the Turkish Alignment, Red Line Metro for Tel Aviv – their first underground light rail system.

The Turkish rail portal, red line tunnel where LDDWJ are working on deep wells

The project was a cut-and-cover portal structure at the southern end of the line, concluding the journey into the historic port of Jaffa. LDDWJ provided the main contractor, Minrav, with a reliable and flexible solution.

The track itself will run across a distance of 600m, up to 50m wide and all within a hair’s breadth of existing buildings. With depths reaching 17m, the excavation was 3m below standing groundwater level – the solution? Internally drilled wells were equipped with borehole pumps to extract the groundwater, this was then pumped over 1,000m away to recharge wells, and the storm water sewer.

Away from the Turkish Alignment project, our other enterprises in Israel have seen us work on projects such as tower blocks, hotel complexes and stations.

An overview of the project locations we’ve been involved in within Tel Aviv
An overview of the project locations we’ve been involved in within Tel Aviv.
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LDDWJ are very much excited to see what the future brings, and we’re sure there will be plenty more tasks in which our endless experience and knowledge will be able to resolve.

Emma TrillIsrael Update: LDD and WJ Join Forces
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