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Socially Distanced Monitoring at Lower Thames Crossing

The WJ cavalry came to the town (in a socially distanced manner!) to the rescue of the Lower Thames Crossing project and their extensive monitoring requirements!

The Lower Thames Crossing project, creating a new road crossing between Essex and Kent, is one of the largest engineering projects in the UK at the moment, and has extensive and challenging monitoring requirements set out by Highways England and Perfect Circle (an AECOM
Pick Everard and Gleeds Joint Venture).

After the completion of the 600mm diameter, 120m borehole, drilled by WJ’s experienced drilling team, the pumping test was undertaken, which required the manual monitoring of over 40 piezometers, at the peak of the test, and the installation of 40 groundwater instruments – all carried out with appropriate social distancing and Covid-19 hygiene measures in place. These extensive requirements necessitated a 10 person WJ monitoring team!

Over 7 million data points were collected during the course of the 30 day test, the preceding period of background monitoring and the subsequent recovery monitoring, with the test carried out exactly to programme and producing flawless results.

The icing on the cake was being awarded a prestigious internal prize for the tidiest work compound by the Project SHE team.

Well done to everyone involved!

Dan CarpenterSocially Distanced Monitoring at Lower Thames Crossing
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