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UK Project Update: United Utilities, Manchester

WJ Groundwater has recently completed work on a tunnelling project to install a ‘Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)’ to counteract ‘Unsatisfactory Intermittent Discharge of Storm Water (UIDs)’. Neil Coulter (Contracts Manager) project managed the installation of our dewatering technologies for a number of the deep structures at United Utilities at Eccles, Manchester. Our involvement in the installation began in March and concluded at the end of September.

A UID can occur when the spills from an overflow within the sewer network can have a detrimental effect on the environmental water standard.  UIDs can impact the water quality of rivers, bathing water and its aesthetics. Upholding good long term water quality objectives is a key objective for the Environment Agency and over the years United Utilities has undertaken a substantial programme of improvement work to counteract and alleviate occurences of UIDs.

WJ Groundwater hopes to continue our strong working relationship with United Utilities across the UK and beyond.

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WJ GroundwaterUK Project Update: United Utilities, Manchester
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