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WJ Opens Brand New Operations Base in Scotland

WJ Groundwater is excited to announce that it has opened a new office in Scotland. The new base signifies our growing commitment to the Scottish construction industry and to reinforce our presence in the region after a successful run of projects.

The new expansion is part of WJ Groundwater’s ongoing strategy to grow the brand, taking it to new and existing customers within a growing number of domestic and international construction markets. Client confidence will be enhanced with this move because it demonstrates that WJ Groundwater will continue to be the dewatering expert of choice, and that we’re here to stay.

Michael C Sean B & Richard F close up with sign

“This is a significant positive step for WJ Groundwater as it strengthens our reputation in Scotland, as well as demonstrating to our customers that we have the confidence and expertise to grow within expanding markets around the world,” said Neil Coulter, Contracts Manager. “WJ Groundwater, already runs offices in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, and we have high anticipations for our first base in Scotland since the company formed in 1983.”

Unit 1 Whistleberry 002WJ Groundwater is an industry expert across a range of infrastructure sectors that includes; ports and marine, motorways, tunnels and shafts, to name a few. We are known specialists in:

Please visit our What We Do page to discover even more about our Groundwater management projects. You can also phone +44 (0)20 8950 7256 to discuss your project ideas and options today.

The Scotland office is now open and its key contacts are WJ Groundwater’s Neil Coulter (Contracts Manager), Mark Pickett (Design Manager) and Michael Cummiskey (Project Engineer). Visit our Contact Us (link) page for more details about our new base and our other offices.

Unit 1 Whistleberry 001

The new office is located at:

Unit 1, Block 1, Whistleberry Park Industrial Estate, Blantyre, Scotland, ML3 0ED, United Kingdom.

Telephone: 07738837013

WJ GroundwaterWJ Opens Brand New Operations Base in Scotland
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