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How WJ can still assist you in lockdown

As COVID-19 sweeps the world, bringing a whole host of uncertainty alongside it, we may not be business as usual – but we can still help!

Construction sites may be closing around the UK in order to slow down the spread of Coronavirus keeping in line with the guidelines provided by the UK government. But that doesn’t mean that our work here at WJ UK is done until things get back to normal – whenever that may be!

Trying to keep things as normal as they can be, we still have staff working on what they can in these difficult circumstances, meaning that we are up to date on any progressions in projects, and are able to continue to monitor and respond to any essential works which we already have installed.

So, here’s how we can still help you while everything is up in the air:

Sales and Tenders

Once this storm passes, we all want to be prepared to get back to normal as quickly as possible. And to do this, working on news sales and tendering will be key.

We’re delighted to still be receiving sales enquiries so that clients will be ready for a quick start as and when restrictions start to lift. Our dedicated sales team are happy to discuss any queries you may have, whether it be drilling or water management.

We are also in contact with our business and trade partners to keep up to date with any current tenders, meaning we’re on the pulse should anything change with the project.


Any ongoing projects which are past the tendering stage, we will continue to work on design of the systems we’ve proposed, and continue to communicate these design updates back to you to ensure that they meet expectations, and will not disrupt any other works ongoing (or due to be ongoing) on site.

A drawing to demonstrate a deepwell system

Whitepapers & Featured Projects

It’s sad, but necessary to close construction sites which can no longer operate safely and within all the COVID-19 guidelines which have been set out. If you’ve found yourself in a position whereby because of site closures, or business continuity plans, find yourself at home with time on your hands, it’s actually the perfect time to add learning to your daily schedule.

It’s a difficult situation for us all, not only in the UK, but all across the world we can be sure that people are going through the same experiences. Focusing on your professional development is one way to keep your mind busy. Whether that be in your field of specialism, or if you’d like to expand your knowledge into other fields, there is plenty of literature available on the internet.

We have an array of whitepapers available on our website for you to make the most of. These will enhance your knowledge on specialist dewatering methods, unique conditions and interesting projects across the UK and Ireland. To see which whitepapers we have to offer, click here.

We’ve also got a great library of projects we’ve completed across the country. Simply click this link and then you can see a selection of our completed projects, and categorise them by service.

WJ equipment on Thames Tideway Project

Monitoring and Essential Works

For projects we already have mobilized and are actively working on, where possible we will continue to carry out essential works to ensure everything is running smoothly or turn off pumping when required.

We are continuing to keep up to date with the latest guidelines and will only work if it is safe to do so. For the sites in which we have essential work continuing, we are ensuring that our operatives are visiting in their company issued vans, and we’re ensuring that the site make provisions to allow our vans on site ahead of time.

Our monitoring dashboard makes it easy for us to check on pumping progress

Contact Us

If after reading this we’re still able to help you, you can get in contact with us a number of ways:

Phone: Give us a call on 0208 950 7256 and listen for the following options:

1 – Design, Marketing and Tender Enquiries

5 – Site Operations including Supply Chain

6 – Monitoring and Technical Team

Our office staff are currently working from home, so it is important that the correct option is selected so you’re able to speak directly to the appropriate team member.

Email: If you would prefer to email, please include your name, a contact number, and as much detail as you can regarding your query.

For Sales and Tenders – sales (at) wjgl.com

For anything else – orders (at) wjgl.com

You can also use the contact form on our website, or message us on Facebook messenger.

We must remember that collaboration is key during these times, and only together can we carry on our path. There will be times in the future where we will be able to work together in harmony. But for now, we must do what we can to carry on.

Take care, WJ UK.

Emma TrillHow WJ can still assist you in lockdown
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