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WJ Groundwater writes chapters for new book – Groundwater Control by CIRIA

The second edition of Groundwater Control – Design & Practice published by CIRIA is now available. It is the de-facto design standard for groundwater control systems in the UK and it also implemented abroad.

After contributing to the first edition, WJ Groundwater’s Chairman and renowned dewatering expert Dr Toby Roberts was invited to be lead author for several chapters in the new volume: Chapter 2 – Surface and Groundwater Control Methods, and Chapter 7 – From Design to Practice. He also assisted across each of the other sections.

The book is prepared and published under contract to CIRIA by Golder Associates with assistance from Southampton University and WJ Groundwater. The book itself will prove to be an invaluable tool for dewatering engineers and students across the world and it’s already been installed as a must have publication at WJ Groundwater offices across the world.

C750 Frontcover

“C750 is the second edition of C515 Groundwater Control: Design and Practice first published by CIRIA in 2000. Whilst the basic techniques and design methods used for groundwater management have not altered substantially in the last 16 years, this second edition brings the design guide fully up-to-date with the current Environmental and Health & Safety regulatory regime in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” said Toby Roberts.

Toby Roberts co-wrote the second edition with Dr Martin Preene (Preene Groundwater Consulting) and Professor William Powrie (Southampton University). Dr Mark Dyer (Mark Dyer Assocs.) was also involved in the first edition.

Copies can be downloaded here.

Excerpt: “Whenever an excavation is made below the water table there is a risk that it will become unstable or flood unless measures are taken to control the groundwater in the surrounding soil. This publication provides information and guidance on dewatering methods used to control groundwater as part of the temporary works for construction projects.

Subjects covered include potential effect of groundwater on construction works, groundwater control techniques, safety management and contractual matters, legal and environmental issues, site investigation requirements and design methods for groundwater control schemes.

The guide explains the principles and gives practical information for the effective and safe design, installation and operation of such works.”

WJ GroundwaterWJ Groundwater writes chapters for new book – Groundwater Control by CIRIA
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