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WJ UK welcomes back intern, Jack Lawrie

We are pleased to announce our returning intern – Jack Lawrie. Welcome back Jack!

Jack is a student at the University of Bath, studying Civil Engineering, and has completed his second year of study. He is now beginning his year in industry working with WJ for a full year.

Last year during the summer, Jack came to work as an undergraduate design engineer the previous for 12 weeks between his first year and second year at University. During this time, he learnt the various roles WJ had played in major construction projects as a Global Water Management company.

Working in the office, Jack helped the technical team by designing dewatering systems and aiding ongoing projects with use of his CAD skills. This gave him a better understanding of subjects like geology and software design, as well as giving him a holistic view to the significance of detailed ground investigation, design and civil engineering from the bottom up. This knowledge will assist with his studies in soil mechanics and foundation design.

This year Jack has decided to develop his understanding of the industry with us by working as a Site Engineer. WJ has a global presence and are always keen on investing in the right individuals, so we will be sending Jack oversees to spend the second half of the year working on some of WJ’s large projects in either the Middle East or Canada. 

For more information on our internships and graduate schemes, feel free to check our website or contact us directly.

WJ GroundwaterWJ UK welcomes back intern, Jack Lawrie
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