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Team Frankies Excels

WJ-sponsored cycling team Team Frankie’s continue their quest for road domination.  Middle East Director, Paul Turner is a stalwart of the team and was instrumental in setting up the sponsorship deal between Team Frankie’s and WJ Groundwater.  There are a number of keen cyclists in the company including  WJ’s Managing Director, Richard Fielden.  Check out our extensive article in Issue 27 of our in-house magazine, The Wet End, here.

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WJ GroundwaterTeam Frankies Excels

National Women in Engineering Day | 2015

It’s a man’s world, but…

Ever keen to support diversity in the dewatering industry, WJ Groundwater was very interested to learn about this annual event. Entitled National Women In Engineering Day 2015 (NWED), the aim of the occasion is to celebrate the work that females have achieved in engineering, and to showcase the great careers that are available for girls at school or higher education.

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WJ GroundwaterNational Women in Engineering Day | 2015

Ground Engineering Awards 2015

And the winner is…

Members of WJ Groundwater were amongst 700 plus people gathered at the Park Lane Hilton in London on 23rd June to hear the winners of the 2015 GE Awards announced.

WJ were keen to attend as the event always serves as a great way to catch up with industry contemporaries and key customers. It’s also an effective way of getting WJ’s name seen by the main ‘movers and shakers’ in the ground engineering industry.

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WJ GroundwaterGround Engineering Awards 2015