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Pumping Tests

Pumping Tests

WJ has extensive experience of undertaking pumping tests to investigate hydrogeological conditions.

WJ is the leading contractor in the design, installation, management and analysis of pumping tests.

Pumping tests are vitally important to understand the hydrological profile of the site. We recognise that best value engineering solutions are developed through a team approach with the client, Environment Agency and consultant engineers. When possible we participate in early contractor engagement to enable WJ to fully develop a robust groundwater control strategy best suited to the clients needs.

At WJ we provide state of the art pump controls, telemetry and monitoring services to give our clients unrelieved service over our competitors.


How WJ Groundwater Can Help

Many of the core services that WJ offer are used in working on ground source energy systems. With over 30 years’ industry leading experience and vast knowledge in all areas, you can be confident that the work will be completed safely, efficiently and reliably.

We provide a complete package that includes feasibility studies, testing, installation and monitoring services through to borehole maintenance, so no matter what the size of your project or where you are located, there is a solution for you. Our professional team will be pleased to advise you on all aspects of ground source energy systems.

With decades of experience behind us WJ have undertaken pumping tests globally from swamps in Nigeria, to basements in central London, to nuclear facilities in Scotland, our highly skilled team will ensure that pumping tests are designed, installed and carried out to the highest quality.

Data gained from pumping tests can be easily accessed in AGS, Excel, or by graphical dashboard format via email or using online software developed by our monitoring software partner Campbell Scientific.

Pumping Test Step Test

Pumping Test Constant Rate

Pumping tests are an important part of any groundwater investigation or groundwater scheme feasibility study. They provide essential information which can affect the planning and build of a project and often required to allow an application of an abstraction license for water supply wells and open-loop ground source energy systems.

Traditional pumping tests are undertaken using a single pumped well and appropriate piezometer array, test pumping and pilot trials may involve working on a small group of deepwells, ejector wells or wellpoint systems.

Featured Pumping Test Projects

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In-Tunnel Drilling & Probing

In-Tunnel Drilling & Probing

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WJ are the leading UK contractor for the installation of in-tunnel dewatering systems and investigative probing surveys.

Our fleet of articulated restricted access rigs are capable of installing both in-tunnel wells and probe holes axially, radially and at a range of inclinations, ahead of tunnels, cross passages and shaft construction. 

Dependant upon ground conditions and project requirements our rigs are capable of drilling distances of up to 20m. 

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Well Drilling Services

Well Drilling Services

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WJ have the capabilities to both design and drill wells for your project.

WJ operate an extensive fleet of modern EU emissions standard compliant rotary drilling rigs and ancillary equipment with the capability to drill a wide range of diameters and depths.

But the drilling rig is only half the story. Your project demands experienced and audited drillers to drill wells and operate drilling machinery.

All WJ drillers are all BDA accredited and we have a number of our assistant drillers going through their drilling apprenticeship training through the BDA. This focus on providing every project with the best possible solution is all part of WJ’s continuous investment in our staff to delivery industry-leading services to our clients.

Our drilling crews and supervisory staff are trained to the highest standards and have global experience in water well, geotechnical, and geothermal drilling. We have the capability of developing wells in a variety of strata using a wide range of methods including acidisation and airlift techniques. You can rest assured that all WJ operations are in compliance with all specifications for major infrastructure project teams.

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Construction Dewatering

Construction Dewatering

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What is Groundwater Control (Construction Dewatering)?

Whenever an excavation is made below the natural water table, there is a risk that it will become unstable or flood unless steps are taken to control the groundwater in the surrounding soil.

Groundwater maybe controlled by installing a physical barrier to exclude groundwater from the excavation, or by pumping groundwater from specially installed wells in order to artificially lower the water table in the vicinity of the excavation, or by a combination of the two techniques.

Often, the use of a pumped well system, either alone or in combination of a physical barrier such as cut-off walls, ground freezing or grouting, will be the most economical and convenient approach. The appropriate type of pumped well system to use depends primarily on the nature of the ground and depth of the excavation. The number of excavations where no considerations need to be given to the potential effects of groundwater is very small.  Thus, the design, installation and operation of a groundwater control (dewatering) system and obtaining the necessary site investigation data and licencing & permits – should be viewed as an integral part of the overall works.

For more information on the different Groundwater Control Methods we provide, please visit our dedicated Services page or click on the links over on the left.

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Water Management Services

Water Management Services

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It is no secret that water can pose one of the largest risks to a construction project.

WJ not only aims to help our clients understand and manage these risks, but also provide competitive and practical solutions for all of your water management needs.

Good water management can: 

  • Improve working conditions
  • Produce pumped water free of suspended solids
  • Improve excavation stability often allowing increased angle of battered slopes
  • Reduce additional temporary works measures
  • Improve earthworks productivity
  • Reduce environmental impacts
  • Improve safety for your work force
  • Reduce project costs and programme time 
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