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In-Tunnel Drilling & Probing

In-Tunnel Drilling & Probing

WJ are the leading UK contractor for the installation of in-tunnel dewatering systems and investigative probing surveys.

Our fleet of articulated, restricted access rigs are capable of installing both in-tunnel wells and probe holes axially, radially and at a range of inclinations, ahead of tunnels, cross passages and shaft construction.

Dependent upon ground conditions and project requirements our rigs are capable of drilling distances of up to 20m, with a stuffing box or blow-out preventer used to reduce the risk of ground loss during the drilling process.

Where required it can be possible for probe bores to be constructed as either wellpoints or ejector wells to allow immediate pore pressure control and enable excavation to continue.

Featured In-tunnel Drilling and Probing Projects

Norwich Train Maintenance Depot

Norwich Train Maintenance Depot

  • Deepwell Dewatering
  • Pumping Test
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    Well Drilling Services

    Well Drilling Services

    WJ have the capabilities to both design and drill wells for a wide range of applications including:

    Whatever the purpose, it is essential that the wells are designed and constructed safely and effectively.

    WJ operate an extensive fleet of modern EU emissions standard compliant rotary drilling rigs and ancillary equipment with the capability to drill a wide range of diameters and depths. Wells can be installed via a variety of methods including fully cased systems, open-hole drilling with reverse circulation, direct flush, or air flush techniques.

    We are continually investing heavily into electrifying our drilling fleet and already operate a range of electrically operated drilling rigs, pump sets and drilling mud management equipment. Please check out our WJ Electric drilling section.

    All WJ lead and assistant drillers are all BDA accredited and audited. This allows us to provide every project with the best possible solution and deliver industry-leading services to our customers.

    Our drilling crews and supervisory staff are trained to the highest standards and have global experience in dewatering wells, water wells, geotechnical, and geothermal open loop drilling. We have the capability of developing wells in a variety of strata using a wide range of methods including acidization, pump surging and airlifting techniques. You can rest assured that all WJ operations follow all Industry led specifications and safety standards for customers project teams.

    No matter what your well drilling requirements are, the team at WJ will be pleased to advise you and talk through your options.


    Featured Well Drilling Projects

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