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Construction of a Deep Shaft for Crossrail

Construction of a Deep Shaft for CrossrailWJ Whitepaper Publication Credentials AUTHORS: A. M. McNamara, MSc, PhD T. 0. L Roberts, PhD, CEng, FICE, CGeol, MCIWEM P. R. J. Morrison, BAI, PhD, CEng, MIEI G. Holmes, PhD WJ Groundwater Ltd, London, UK DATE: 2007 Abstract An 8·2 m diameter, 37·5 m deep shaft has been successfully constructed

Dewatering London’s Newest River Crossing

The Silvertown Tunnel is a new twin bore road tunnel beneath the river Thames to connect the Greenwich peninsula to Silvertown in London’s docklands. The tunnels are being constructed by TBM and at 11.9 m diameter, the largest ever used in the UK.

Dr Toby Roberts at the British Tunnelling Society

The British Tunnelling Society, an Associated Society of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), formed 50 years ago provides a crucial form for development of the tunnelling industry in the UK and overseas, and recently invited WJ’s Chairman, Dr Toby Roberts to speak at an evening event regarding “Dewatering Strategies for Underground Infrastructure in the

WJ Groundwater – 40 years old and still going strong…

WJ Groundwater - 40 years old and still going strongThe year is 1981. A pint of milk costs about 19p, a loaf of bread about 37p, and Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer have just got married. Britney Spears, Serena Williams and the Wispa Bar are all born. A truly remarkable year already I’m sure