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Staff Photo Competition

Thankyou to everyone who entered our end of year photo competition. We had over 70 entries from across all of our international offices, which included some brilliant, inspiring and dramatic photographs!

We are pleased to announce that the winner is George Sanorjo with this artistic and thought provoking entry – enjoy your iPad George!

George Sanorjo’s winning entry

Not far behind were entries from Zohar Artzi and Vipin Varghese which perfectly demonstrate the scale and challenges of the projects we work upon.

Commendable efforts by Vipin Varghese

and Zohar Artzi

Special mentions also to Ryan Angeles for his wonderful photos of our pumps in action, and Jimmy Alvarez for demonstrating the wide variety of works we undertake on a day to day basis! Keep up the good work guys!

Ryan Angeles wonderfully capturing our fleet of pumps at work in the sun
Jimmy Alvarez perfectly highlights the wide variety of sites and conditions we all work in on a day by day basis

In all competitions there has to be a Wooden Spoon entry for the noble last place, which this time goes to Gabriel Pitassi.

Well done Gabriel, you win this book!

Thank you once again to everyone for their entries and we look forward to seeing all your brilliant photos in the future!

Dan CarpenterStaff Photo Competition
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