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UK Update: Introducing Conrad

Recently Geodrilling International Magazine published an article for WJ Groundwater. The piece was an interview with Paul Judge, our Major Contracts Manager in the UK.  Below is a specially edited version for you to read and get to know about our new rig.

WJ Groundwater’s latest addition to its fleet of rigs is settling into the job with aplomb. The Conrad 500, known to us affectionately as Conrad, is Dutch manufactured and has many modern capabilities that will enable our team to complete projects that up until now have been slightly beyond our reach.


Taking our total number of rigs up to seven, it has the capability to drill larger diameter holes to greater depths than the other six. Key benefits of the new rig are that it meets all the EU and environmental standards. The technology has a Tier 4 engine making it completely compliant with the permitted emission standards. The new rig offers improved operator interfaces, meaning that with the Conrad the need for the manual handling aspect has been eliminated.  Now that we can drill larger and deeper holes we hope to see an increase in the type of projects that require the increased diameter.

We are keen to capitalise on our newest addition to the drilling fleet by fitting it with all the equipment it needs to perform to its best level and help to maintain WJ Groundwater’s reputation as the international dewatering industry specialist of choice, as we are now able to drill deeper and faster than ever before.

To read the full article visit: https://www.geodrillinginternational.com/ 

WJ GroundwaterUK Update: Introducing Conrad
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