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UK Update: Ipswich Flood Defence Scheme

One of the biggest projects of 2016 at WJ Groundwater has been on the Ispwich Tidal Barrier Project. We worked closely on the Water and Environment Management (WEM) project for our client Volker Stevin Ltd (VSL) to enable construction of the tidal gate structure at the River Orwell.

This is part of a £21 million flood defence scheme. Ipswich has a long history of flooding both from high fluvial flows and surge tide effects. At present there is more than 1,500 residential and 400 commercial properties currently within the risk area. The new flood gate will prevent surge tides and allow control of fluvial flow.


To help set the project in motion, WJ Groundwater operatives managed by Tom Stockman initially had a cofferdam built in the river. The deepwell dewatering system was then installed in order to control groundwater levels in the gravel beneath the gravel that makes up the riverbed. Access was an initial challenge overcome and the systems have been running to specification since November 2016 and the excavation is now well under way.


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WJ GroundwaterUK Update: Ipswich Flood Defence Scheme
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