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WJ Groundwater launches monitoring dashboard

WJ Groundwater launched its new data collecting application, the Monitoring Dashboard earlier this year, and is pleased to report on its success with our clients and staff.

At WJ Groundwater we collect high quality monitoring data electronically for all our clients via direct or remote streaming data link, which allows real time data to be distributed quickly.

The Anchorsholme Storage Park, Blackpool:

At Anchorsholme we have installed 9 deepwells in order to achieve the groundwater drawdown for a new 30m deep storm water tank. The on site monitoring and alarms ensure we are able to check the operation of the dewatering system in real time and take any corrective actions quickly wherever needed.

Data gained from our groundwater level and flow data monitoring system on site is downloaded from the remote logger and processed so that it can be easily viewed on our Monitoring Dashboard which is issued out to the client on a daily basis.

For each of WJ Groundwater’s Monitoring Dashboards, the data has been distilled into well-presented and simple graphics, instead of providing endless pages of data or graphs. This user-friendly approach gives our clients the benefit of reviewing real time data quickly and succinctly. In the unlikely event of a problem with any of WJ Groundwater’s dewatering systems it also enables our project engineers and managers to give informed support to our on-site operatives to quickly rectify any mishaps therefore reducing any potential interruption to the clients operations.

“The Monitoring Dashboard Reports, provided good information on a regular basis, made it really quick and easy to check up on the status of the system and keep a track of groundwater levels which is integral to ensure the safety of our men whilst they work,” said Con Hogan, Civil Engineer, Ward & Burke Ltd.

Click link to see a sample of the Monitoring Report below:


Visit https://wjgl.com/what-we-do/monitoring our monitoring page for information about our monitoring service.

Our friendly team is on hand if you’d like to keep in step via our Monitoring Dashboard services. Please contact us on:

t +44 (0)20 8950 7256


WJ GroundwaterWJ Groundwater launches monitoring dashboard
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