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Birmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust runs the Birmingham Women’s Hospital (located adjacent to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the University of Birmingham) and the Birmingham Children’s Hospital (located in Birmingham city centre), and as part of a drive to provide more sustainable decarbonised energy sources for these sites, has invested heavily in geothermal power.

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Dan CarpenterBirmingham Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Lower Thames Crossing

Since our formation in 1981 WJ have an outstanding record working on some of the largest and most complex infrastructure projects in the UK, and in particular, in and around London. When it was announced that a new tunnel the River Thames was to be constructed, which would link Kent and Essex and help alleviate pressure on the Dartford Crossing, it was a project that at WJ we were keen to provide our experience and expertise on.

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Dan CarpenterLower Thames Crossing

A57 Mottram Moor

WJ have an outstanding record delivering our services for key national infrastructure projects, and one of those recently earmarked by the UK National Highways is the A57 Trans-Pennine route, which is designed to alleviate congestion on the vital A57 ad A628 roads between Manchester and Sheffield. In order to aid the design of this crucial update project, WJ were engaged by SOCOTEC to undertake pumping tests in the village of Mottram in Longendale on the edge of the Peak District.

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Dan CarpenterA57 Mottram Moor

Silvertown Crossing Pumping Test

There are over 60 River Crossings within London, including London Bridge, the Dartford Crossing, Westminster Bridge and numerous rail tunnels. In order to reduce the strain on these crossings, and in particular the Blackwell Tunnel, a new crossing will be constructed between the Greenwich Peninsula, home of the iconic O2 Arena, and the Silvertown Docks, along a similar orientation to the Emirates Airline cable car.

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Dan CarpenterSilvertown Crossing Pumping Test

Old Oak Common

High Speed 2 (HS2) is a new proposed high-speed rail link connecting London and Birmingham, before being extended up to Leeds and Manchester, via Crewe. As part of these works over 330 miles of track will be laid, accompanied with 21 new or refurbished stations along the length. One of the key new termini that is to be constructed in London is at Old Oak Common.

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Dan CarpenterOld Oak Common

Colchester Northern Gateway

The Geothermal industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the energy industry in the UK, and is becoming an increasingly common option for new council developments. Fortunately for WJ, these geothermal systems require the construction and testing of deep boreholes which are one of WJ’s specialities!

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Dan CarpenterColchester Northern Gateway

The Royal Parks

‘The Royal Parks’ are an essential government-funded organisation that manages the conservation of the eight major parks in London as well as other smaller areas of garden and parkland.

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WJ Group AdminThe Royal Parks