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WJ UK nominated at the 2019 Fleming Awards

In the evening of 4th December 2019, masses donned the Institution of Civil Engineers in London to find out who would be crowned the 2019 Fleming Award winner. Our Executive Chairman, Dr Toby Roberts (PhD CEng CGeol FREng FICE FGS) was a guest at the awards, where our work on Thames Tideway East – Deptford was recognised as one of

5 Years at Kings Langley

This week, we celebrated 5 years in our Kings Langley home! We’re proud of the progress we’ve made since our move, and would like to share some of our fondest memories.

Sub-Surface Dewatering for an Inclined SCL Tunnel

Sub-Surface Dewatering for an Inclined SCL TunnelWJ WhitepaperAbstract The Crossrail station at Liverpool Street, London required the downward construction of a 37 m long by 6 m diameter inclined ventilation tunnel using sprayed concrete lining (SCL) techniques. The tunnel penetrated into water bearing channel sands present in the Lambeth Group below the London Clay. This

Multi-Aquifer Pressure Release in East London

Multi-Aquifer Pressure Release in East LondonWJ WhitepaperAbstract Two adjacent deep shafts in east London involved excavation to 30 m below standing groundwater level and required temporary control of pressures in the Lower Aquifer below the London Clay. Three distinct aquifer horizons were present comprising the Lambeth Group channel sands, Thanet Sand and Chalk. One of

In-Tunnel Dewatering for a Cross Passage in London

In-Tunnel Dewatering for a Cross Passage in LondonWJ WhitepaperAbstract The Crossrail project in London comprises twin TBM driven railway tunnels. The scheme includes several short cross link tunnels between the TBM drives to house switch gear, sumps and for access. Cross passage CP6 is 14 m long and includes a central sump. This cross passage

Thames Tideway – In-tunnel Probing

Whilst WJ are well known and respected as one of the leading dewatering contractors in the UK, we have many other services within our oeuvre. We recently demonstrated one of these whilst undertaking in-tunnel probe drilling as part of the Thames Tideway works at the Dormay Street Shaft in Wandsworth.

Chalk Conference

On the 17th and 18th of September 2018, the British Geotechnical Association and Engineering Group of the Geological Society hosted the first major conference on Chalk in almost 30 years, right on WJ’s doorstep, at Imperial College in Central London.


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